Analytics to transform businesses



The world of analytics is exploding. Until a few years back, it was thought that only rich corporates who can spend vast amounts of money can taste the fruits of data analytics. However, as technology evolved, costs reduced and gave way to simpler and easier methods. Today, even small and ...
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Application Development

Cloudsparrow harnesses the experience of a number of professionals who are well versed in the IT industry, who had seen the information technology revolution taking place at the turn of the millennium. We have developed software solutions for most business domains and have experienced and solved complexity, size and volume ...
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Web Solutions

Websites bring business. Even a single page website today is a window to the future for the business owner. We develop websites, web based applications and e-commerce solutions to meet your business needs. Cloudsparrow provides complete support and expertise right from the requirement specification stage through launch date and offers ...
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Mining twitter – Sentiment Analysis on Recent State Election (Kerala 2016)

Analysing the sentiment of voters during election time is a real good experience for a data scientist. The one place ...
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